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Candy Apples Wax Melts
Candy Apples Wax Melts

Candy Apples Wax Melts

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 Candy Apple wax melts

Frosted Candy Apple indulges the senses,

with this mouth-watering succulent fragrance.


* top notes of sweet red apple, peach,

* laced with creamy swirls of caramel,

* musk, a hint of vanilla and sugar.


Break off 2 pieces of the luxury soy wax and place in your melt burner.

50g e


*Place on a flat, level, heat-resistant surface away from other sources of heat & out of draughts.

*Only use 2 hour tea lights.

*Never leave your melt burner unattended.

*Burn out of reach of children & pets.

*Do not move whilst lit or if wax is molten.

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