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Hedgerow Hearts Melts
Hedgerow Hearts Melts
Hedgerow Hearts Melts
Hedgerow Hearts Melts

Hedgerow Hearts Melts

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Wax Melt Collection, gift boxed with our lovely satin black boxes and ribbons. 

* 8 Large Heart wax melts

* Unscented tea lights x 4

* Made with our custom wax blend.

Fragrance - Hedgerow 

* A refreshing, sophisticated fragrance where top notes of fresh basil leaves combine with mouth-watering ripe

blackberries and tart Mediterranean citrus. Imagine walking a long rambling hedge and picking all those luscious berries.

These have accents of cool lavender, combined with smooth woods, moss and musk.


It's a lovely gift to your loved ones or

a treat to yourself.

Approx 8-10 hours per melt burn time.

Beautifully presented in our satin black gift boxes and tied up with a silk ribbon.

Wax Melt Safety!

Remove from packaging

Place your burner on a flat heat resistant surface

Put one melt in the well of burner.

Only use 2-4 hour tea lights to prevent your burner from getting too hot.

*Never leave your melt burner unattended.

*Burn out of reach of children & pets.

*Do not move whilst lit or if wax is molten.

* Do not consume.